Testing as a Service (TaaS)

The concept of providing Testing Services as and when needed

​If you're prepared to be flexible about the way you engage with your service providers you can expect a flexibility of service that enables you to ramp up and scale back your software development projects effortlessly, whatever the reason. Peaks and troughs in project activities are not uncommon as there will always be a natural rise and fall in demand for testing services, primarily because of the evolving needs of both your business and those of your clients'.


Whether you need a Test Consultant for a fixed three month contract, sporadically over six months, or just once to run a Website MOT, engaging with a trusted TaaS provider can help you develop your business in a cost efficient manner.

For cost conscious businesses, now more than ever, there's an emerging market for consultancies who provide services 'as and when needed', helping to protect budgetary spend for when it matters the most.

Quality Control 

It's about delivering a quality product fit for business purpose

The right skills for the right job

Experience is fundamental to the effective application of knowledge and skills acquired through training, whether on the job or through formal qualification. With each experience, we develop a breadth of understanding, but it's often the depth of that experience that counts when picking the right people for the job. It's all about ensuring competence.

What we offer

Industry experience across seven industries

Qualifications: iSQI CMAP, iSTQB Advanced Test Analyst, iSQI Certified Agile Tester (CAT), ITIL Foundation.

Experience with: Atlassian products (Confluence, Core, JIRA, Portfolio), Hybris, mobile testing (android / iOS / native apps), web testing.

Controls and measures

Without process you can't measure progress, and planning for success means having a baseline against which to measure your efforts. Putting the controls in place that match your business need and vision will ensure a project can adapt to change, is correctly documented for your needs and complies with all corporate and regulatory requirements. It is a way to build integrity into everything you do.

What we offer
Project and corporate test strategy creation, JIRA and Confluence administration, metrics and reporting, stakeholder management, test management, team leading.

Building Relationships

A project team isn't just a collection of people doing their day jobs, it's a reflection of the organisation as a whole and demonstrates the very best and worst of its ethos and culture. Successful teams build strong relationships internally and externally, and showcase integrity and a desire to do whatever it takes to deliver the best they can. 


What we offer

A flexible approach to testing that complements your team structure.

A growing list of clients who benefit from continuity of service and knowledge of their products.

Get in touch and see how a flexible and affordable approach to testing can benefit your project

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