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Jill is a fantastically dedicated and passionate test guru and test manager. I worked with Jill at TMK and was always impressed with her calm and can-do approach, she dealt smoothly with all the dramas thrown at her from non-existent requirements, missing project managers and reluctant business testers. Jill is dedicated (usually among the last to leave and first to arrive), methodical, proactive and very competent. It was a pleasure to work with Jill who was always positive and had a great sense of humour, I would be happy to recommend Jill as either a team member or leader.


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"Awesome" "Brilliant" "Knowledge" "Detail" - these are just some of the key words used to describe Jill by the end client. Jill has exceptional attention to detail alongside a deep comprehension of ecommerce system landscapes and the software delivery lifecycle. Along with this, she is a whizz with all things JIRA and Confluence, which is always a bonus.


Needless to say, I would highly recommend Jill for anyone in need of top-drawer QA/Test support!


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It was really great working with Jill, I joined Modula on a short term contract as a BA with the aim to get the developers up and running in an agile fashion. Luckily Jill was there and we were able to get this achieved as she had vast knowledge on Jira/Confluence and was able to setup the system exactly as the developers and I needed it. She also reviewed and provided feedback on my userstories and caught any holes in requirements which helped ensure that stories were well defined and ready for sprint start. She always went above and beyond with work ensuring that all testing was done so that sprints could finish in time, even when developers were delayed. She is a fountain of knowledge and always happy to share this and set time aside to teach anything she knows, such as testing principles, agile, jira administration. I hope that I will be able to work with her again someday in the future and I know she is an excellent worker that is a great addition to have on any team! 


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I worked with Jill on a project delivering a work flow management tool within the insurance sector. Jill is an experienced capable tester and quickly got to grips with the project deliverables, identified and built relationships with key stakeholders and the Vendor. Jill has great attention to detail, which brings confidence and trust that you are in safe hands. She is prepared to go above and beyond to ensure successful delivery. It was a pleasure working with Jill.

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Jill was an absolute joy to work with and helped shape the company's approach to working agile, usage of ticketing systems and testing methodology. She was very professional and great fun to work with!

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I had worked on my website and thought I had put the basic elements to it correctly. But when Jill came and took a quick look, she immediately found all the elements that I needed to get right, in order to keep the audience focused and provide multi-device access to the site. I immediately re-branded the site, making it cleaner and easier to navigate. It's great working with Jill, she will not beat around the bush and is straight forward so you know what needs to be done.


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