Website MOT

How does your website fare in the digital marketplace?

A website MOT is a timeboxed investigation of your website, designed not only to review its functional and performance attributes, but also its aesthetic appeal. Working with you to understand your business vision, the information will be used to design a series of exploratory tests that review which aspects of your website add value.

The focus of the MOT can be as broad or as targeted as you need. Opt for a standard overview across all pages on your desktop and mobile site or choose a bespoke solution that focuses on specific aspects of your choice.

All MOTs are recorded in MP4 format, as standard, with narration provided to outline observations and recommendations. Written reports can be included as part of a bespoke solution.


Branding isn't just about your corporate logo or the colour scheme that individualises your business. Branding is how you're perceived by your customers. If your website isn't creating that all important image, you're missing a trick.

Usability & Design

A great website design can earn you a lifetime of customer loyalty. Ease of use, intuitive design and clear, concise content all contribute to an engaging experience that can keep customers coming back time and again.

Evolving Requirements

If there's one thing you can't stop, it's change. In order to stay relevant your digital presence needs to evolve; a challenging task in an age of unparalleled choice. Understanding what's relevant and what's not will help you plan for the future.

Unexpected Behaviour

Ensuring a fully functioning website allowing smooth and trouble free user journeys builds customer confidence in any business. A faultless experience of your digital marketplace promotes confidence in your brand.

Test Strategy and Methodology

Whether you're a freelance developer or large IT enterprise your Test Strategy is key, however light touch.

Whatever the short term needs of your project, however large or small, you'll want to know that you're engaging with a consultancy that understands the challenges you face and is able to support you when you need it most.

With exposure to Agile, Waterfall and V-Model methodologies within industries such as insurance, e-commerce, pensions and healthcare, there probably isn't a way of testing we haven't seen, which equips us to review your existing Test Strategy for its actual versus its potential value add.

If you have no existing corporate test function, or your current strategy is no longer relevant to the way you approach software development and delivery, we can work with you to develop an adaptive solution that fits your corporate culture and business model.

And for small to medium sized enterprises, quality doesn't have to suffer because of budgetary constraints. A well tailored, bespoke package of testing services designed to support you during the development phase of your project can make all the difference to your product and reputation.
Test Analysis and Leadership

Finding reliable SIT / UAT consultancy services in today's marketplace can be challenging.

Finding the right skill set for the needs of your software is no easy task. Industry and product knowledge can be difficult to acquire, let alone maintain within the ever changing face of your project and business teams; especially when your needs are sporadic. Your challenge is sourcing the most competent people to run your SIT and UAT without compromising the quality of your company's 'Business as Usual' tasks.

Regardless of which phase of the project life cycle you're in, avoid the pitfalls of dipping into your business user resource pool in favour of a longer term strategy.  Stay ahead of the curve and get in touch to discuss the benefits of engaging ahead of time on a TaaS basis and join the growing trend for on-demand, flexibly scaled testing.

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