Terms & Conditions

Engagement is easy, however large or small your organisation. We have a range of professionally tailored agreements designed to provide you with peace of mind, whatever your company size.


The key points of our Terms and Conditions are as follows:

(1)     Should you engage with us we will provide agreed Services (“Services”) for a defined period of time (“Period”).


(2)     We have the right to perform the Services using any workers of our choice and at our own expense, provided that the worker(s) concerned is / are adequately skilled.


(3)     We can subcontract the Services to another person or company provided that the subcontractor has the necessary skills.


(4)     We charge an hourly rate for our Services. The Services are provided on an "as and when needed" basis within the agreed Period. We don’t charge for any periods during which the Services are not performed.


(5)     We operate a Testing as a Service (TaaS) model. Where it’s determined that there’s no work to do that relates to the Services, we’ll inform our client contact and leave to attend to other matters. If it’s appropriate a daily on call / admin fee of one hour (pro-rated from the daily rate) may be charged to cover the time required to check emails and be available for telephone calls. Where we spend more than one hour actively providing services in this way, charging will resume on a pro-rated basis for the remainder of the day. To avoid doubt we won’t charge an additional on call/ admin fee where we’re charging for more than 7.5 hours in any given day, or where you confirm that Services aren’t required for a set period of time.


(6)     In order to avoid operational disruption we’ll perform the Services at your / your client's site when required. However, where it’s agreed there’s no impact on business operations we’ll provide the Services from our own business premises.


(7)     Once the Services have been completed there will be no expectation of any further offers of work from you, and if any additional work is offered we’re under no obligation to accept it. During the term of the Services contract we can terminate the engagement within the agreed notice period.


(8)     Should you engage with us it will be to provide specialist services in relation to a particular business need of yours / your client. If we're asked us to undertake work outside the scope of what’s agreed we’ll need to discuss and agree separate terms (if required) for the additional Services, and a separate Schedule of Services will need to be raised.


(9)     Given that any engagement with us will be for our specialist skills and experience, we reserve the right to exercise autonomy over our working methods. We’ll adhere to any quality standards, guidelines and requirements that are reasonable and relevant to our Services, however we’ll determine how the Services are provided to you / your client.


(10)  We’re required to carry Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance and will rectify any faulty work in performance of the Services at our own cost and in our own time.

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